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A woman dancing with white fabric outdoors at Proclaim


Quiet Hours

There are no designated quiet hours at night in the main campground. If
you prefer a quiet area to camp, we suggest reserving a site in Aronia
Escape or Beautiful Meadow, which are further from activities and
therefore much quieter than the main camping area. This camping area is beyond the parking lot and within walking distance from the main camping area.


Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. Ask a staff member to point out the designated location.


Campfires should be contained inside fire rings. We have a few, but feel
free to bring one as well. We often have firewood available by donation but cannot guarantee enough for all campfires; we recommend you bring your own.

No pets

Proclaim is not a pet-friendly event. By request of our hosts, we ask that
you do not bring animals, especially dogs, onto the grounds.

No alcohol

Proclaim has a strict no-alcohol policy. By purchasing tickets, you agree
not to bring alcohol onto the grounds.

Personal needs

While Proclaim staff and volunteers will do our best to provide a safe and
enjoyable environment, accidents may happen. Please be aware and
responsible of personal needs and safety.