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A group of dancers in a circle performing before the crowd at Proclaim.


Connect & Collaborate

Come to Proclaim and experience what only connected community can cultivate. At Proclaim, you will have the opportunity to meet other musicians and creative-minded friends, as well as potential mentors. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in collaborative sessions focused on songwriting, discussion, and the needs of Messianic musicians. There are sure to be campfires and jam sessions! You’ll meet people outside your normal sphere, and be inspired by the performances, stories and original songs of the artists. CLICK HERE to audition to share your songs on the stage as an opening artist!


Most Proclaim attendees choose to camp on-site, where we have both electric and rough camping sites available for tents and RVs. For detailed information about campsites, please CLICK HERE. You can reserve your campsite when you buy tickets.

A shower house and portable restrooms will be available on the grounds. As well as a source for drinking water and sink to do your dishes.


In addition to Davidic worship dance during  worship sets, we will have late-night dance sessions to include both Messianic dancing and folk dancing on some evenings. Uniting as Kingdom family in celebrative dance under lights strung between the trees is one of the most picturesque and joyful activities at Proclaim.


{PLEASE NOTE: there is no designated quiet time in the main campground. If you wish to camp in a quiet area, we recommend Aronia Escape or Beautiful Meadow. This is beyond the parking lot within walking distance from the main camp area.}

Family Fun

Family is a central part of Proclaim, and the grounds and schedule are set up to reflect that. Whether it’s the children’s play area in convenient proximity to the main stage, the relaxed environment to encourage fellowship,  or the integrated campground, you don’t have to choose between being a parent or being present to experience all that Proclaim has to offer.  There is also “Family Fun” scheduled for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. A time for kids and adults of all ages to come together for team building, competitive activities such as tug-of-war, water balloons, giant volleyball, or the unforgettable Proclaim PowerWheel Push Relay.


Be sure to stop by the marketplace and support the Proclaim artists and vendors! The marketplace will be open during meal times (excluding Saturday) and after sundown on Saturday evening. Official Proclaim merchandise will be offered as well or can be pre-purchased when you order tickets.

If you would like to be a vendor at the Proclaim Marketplace, Apply Here.

Prayer & Ministry

A relaxed environment and schedule provides room for connection and spontaneous one-on-one ministry amongst each other, relationship building, and spiritual nourishment. Believers and creatives are released into greater measures of inspiration not just creatively but spiritually as we pray for and encourage each other. The creative world can be lonely and isolating, but we want to call creatives to actively participate in the body of Messiah. The most impactful ministry of the body of Messiah doesn’t happen from a stage or microphone but in the quiet corners of our hearts, in quiet conversations and in the little moments of being seen by a brother or sister who is willing to speak life over our situations. Proclaim actively seeks to create an environment where this happens all weekend long.

Food Truck

Fritz and Terri Johnk, our on-site hosts, will be serving up delicious meals throughout the event from their food truck, The Leaf Grill & Wokery. Meal tickets can be purchased on-site or when you get your event tickets. Check out the menu on the FOOD TRUCK page.


Proclaim is a multi-day event, spanning Thursday to Sunday, and we will set apart Shabbat from Friday night to Saturday night. It will be a day for flowing in the creative collaborative worship and artistry we were created to express. To close Shabbat on the finale night, you are invited to participate in Proclaim’s unique version of a Havdalah service. This is a favorite experience for many, as what starts at the stage, at the center, is then released outward as everyone lights each others’ candle and hundreds of lights stretch and blaze into the darkness, lighting up the night. We pray that Proclaim will inspire you and cause the fire of your faith to burn brighter and that when you go home to your own corner of the world, you will continue to light the candles of those around you with your renewed inspiration and encouragement.

The Send Off

The send off is the final closing session of Proclaim on Sunday, and is an off-stage collaborative worship experience. As the Proclaim artists come together to lead us in raw, spontaneous, acoustic worship, we will pray for each other and over the musicians as they are sent back to their own corner of the world – encouraged, lifted up, inspired and ready to fulfill their God-given destiny as Kingdom creatives.