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A group of dancers in a circle performing before the crowd at Proclaim.


Family Fun

Family fun at Proclaim is loud, fun, and exciting for all ages. It’s a place for kids as well as adults of all ages to come together for team building, competitive activities such as tug-of-war, water balloons, giant volleyball, or the unforgettable Proclaim PowerWheel Push Relay. Family fun is scheduled for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.


Most Proclaim attendees choose to camp on-site, where we have both electric and rough camping sites available for tents and RVs. For detailed information about campsites, please click here. You can reserve your campsite when you buy tickets.

A shower house and portable restrooms will be available on the grounds.


Be sure to stop by the marketplace and support the Proclaim artists and vendors! The marketplace will be open during meal times (excluding Saturday) and after sundown on Saturday evening. Official Proclaim merchandise will be offered as well or can be pre-purchased when you order tickets.

If you are a vendor and are interested in purchasing a table, apply to be a vendor at Proclaim.

Food Truck

Fritz and Terri, our on-site hosts, will be serving up delicious meals throughout the event from their food truck, The Leaf Grill & Wokery. Meal tickets can be purchased on-site or when you get your event tickets. Check out the menu.


As well as Davidic worship dance during the worship sets, we will have folk dancing on some evenings. Traditional, old-time dances such as “The Virginia Reel” under lights strung between the trees are one of the most picturesque and joyful activities at Proclaim.

Jam sessions and campfires

There are so many musicians at Proclaim, campfire jams are sure to break out. Bring your guitar and a fire ring and enjoy some musical fellowship! Note that as of 2023, there is no designated quiet time in the main campground. If you wish to camp in a quiet area, we recommend Aronia Escape or Beautiful Meadow.


Proclaim is a multi-day event, but we will open Sabbath on Friday night and close it on Saturday night in order to designate it as set-apart and special. On Saturday, there is no admission charge! Invite your local friends – come one, come all. Pre-registration is not required.